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It's official, my cat is a jackass. XD

My boy is such a little jackass. We've found a type of ball in the past that he LOVES, but he always loses them somewhere. Mom found some more and has given him one for now, and he's been playing with it a lot since he got it a couple days ago. Just a little while ago, he dragged the thing from the living room downstairs, up here to the bathroom. He hopped into the tub with it and started batting it around the tub. I grabbed my camera to get a little video of him playing in the tub with the ball, so of course before I can come out of my room with the powered-on camera he takes his ball and hops out of the tub, heading back downstairs with it.

A little later I head downstairs to grab some more dinner, and decided to use the downstairs bathroom while I was at it. As soon as I get into the bathroom to do my business, what do I hear but the sounds of Artemis batting his ball around in the upstairs bathroom again. XD Little jerk waited until I couldn't possibly get to the camera easily, and went back up to be cute and play with his toy. He does that ALL THE TIME!! I think he has a 6th sense for when I'm getting my camera, even if I don't say a word about it before hand. He ALWAYS stops being cute as soon as I get the camera.
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