Misty (mewmew) wrote,

Sailor Moon Post

A post for my Sailor Moon sales. Sales won't be directly through this post but I'll link to my shops. First up is my eCrater shop. This shop is where I'm selling items I own myself. I have lots of Sailor Moon items for sale, but if you click "categories" near the top right you can find some non-Sailor Moon items as well. I'll be adding more to the shop as I'm able to keep an eye out for updates.

Second is my Amazon.com Affiliates shop. I have added all the new Sailor Moon merchandise I could find to the shop, including the new GE items and products from from Hot Topic. Please note that these items are not ones I have any personal handling on. They are sold through Amazon via the accounts for GE and Hot Topic (plus a few fan items sold by various sellers). Any sales made through my shop, however, gets me a percentage of the sales price. Hoping to be able to get people buying through my shop as I recently moved and need whatever extra money I can while I look for a job. My affiliates shop can be found here: Leona's Cavern Gift Shop
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