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Sometimes I really hate the internet. It's so easy to meet new people, but it's also so easy to lose touch with those people and lose all track of how they're doing. I should be sleeping now as I need to get up in about 6 hours, but of course my brain won't cooperate. Thinking about some long lost friends from over a decade ago. When I was a teenager Brak's Chat was a very important place to me. I spent all my free time talking to people there, and it was the first place I felt I really had friends. Never really had any in the real world back then.

There are so many people from back then who were important to me. But I only know their old chat names. Quiggz, Flying Toaster, Bostic, Lord R@ven, Lord S@mson, Lord B@ron, my "brother" roB "Coricopat" Ween, the various Cats Victoria, Mistoffelees, and more. They all meant something to me back then. As mentioned, one was my "brother" in the chats. We joined the Cats and Coricopat and Tantomile, and before that we were "adopted" by other members of the chat. He gave me the "friendly yeti" once when I was down, a friendly version of the yeti from an old ski game. Then there was the @ Team. I "dated" a couple members, and was given a gold rose by one as part of an ongoing RP in the chat. The idea of a gold rose is still important to me, even after all these years.

I have no idea how any of these people are doing, and no way to get in touch with any of them to find out. Are they healthy and happy? Have any of them passed away due to illness, accident, or other circumstances? Do any of them ever think of those days and remember me, like I do about them? They still hold enough importance to me that I name video game characters after them. In a couple games I name a character "Misto" after Mistoffelees, and in Final Fantasy 7 I name Barret Chaos, after another "brother" of mine from the chat. Aries is renamed Victoria every time I play, Red XIII is renamed Bostic, Cid is renamed Cori after my "brother" Coricopat, and Yuffie renamed Akemi. Do I hold any importance to their lives from then, or have I been forgotten by people who once meant so much to me? I have no way to find out, and likely never will.
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