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mewmew's Journal

11 August 1984
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My other journals.

naughtymewmew: This journal is my sexual journal. It is friends only, so if you want to see it you must request to be added. If I trust you, you'll be added. If I don't know you, you may not be. The contents of this journal are not for everyone and their dog to see.

mewmewcolors: This journal is for colorbars. If I make any, they will go here. I have also put the colorbars in my userinfo into this journal, and any future colorbars I aquire will also go here.

mewmewcreations: This journal will document my attempts at sewing, and show off any successes I have. It will also link to the ebay auctions I make for sewing successes I'm selling. Now, as I'm currently broke I don't know when this journal will become active, but I was getting too impatient, so I have made it now for when it will some day be useful.

mewmewhealth:This will document my health problems and my attempts to get rid of them. I've always had problems with things such as my knees, but in the last couple years I've been in generally crappy health, at least for me. Nothing real serious, but just generally feeling bad. I wanna try and fix that.

My Communities

colorbar_love2: The people who own the original suck at running it, to be quite frank. They allow offensive colorbars to be posted without an LJ cut, and one mod has even posted one himself, never cutting the image even after countless people asked it to be cut. They also allowed an anal sex bar to be posted without a cut. They don't give a shit about their members, and feel it's the user's own fault to be looking at a community that is NOT adult oriented when they could be around children. So, I've made my own. A community that will actually respect the members, and not allow offensive bars to be up without an LJ cut.

beautifulparts2: Made when the original closed. The owner of the original threw a fit when people asked her to put images of her sliced, bloody leg behind an LJ cut because nobody wanted to see pics of her cutting herself. She closed the community down, and a few days later I made BP2. You can post nudes, but they must be tasteful. Sex, cum shots, and the like should be saved for communities like Nakedparts2.

dance_party: All about dancing. ^_^ Doesn't matter if you dance for fun, for exercise, or to make money, if you dance you can join. I would appreciate it if adult oriented dances would be saved for an adult community, however. I want all ages to be able to post here.

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Furry is Life

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